Alloy Crane & Machinery is a family owned industrial contracting business that was established in 1953. It began as a small welding and repair shop under the name Alloy Welding Service. At that time, it was a one-man operation. In the late 50’s and 60’s Alloy began to grow in size and branched out from residential and commercial welding to industrial work.




About Us

Alloy Crane & Machinery is a full-service crane and equipment repair company with locations in Savannah, Augusta, Jacksonville, and Charleston. We are a certified woman owned that performs repairs, service, and inspections on overhead, mobile and gantry cranes. We also sell and install overhead cranes. We provide millwrights for millsupport and precision jobs. Our OSHA certified crane technicians have decades of experience in these fields.


  • Inspections
    • OSHA Compliant
    • NAFAC P307
    • Mobile Equipment
  • Repairs
    • Mobile
    • Overhead
    • Underhung
  • Contract Maintenance
  • Transportation and Setting of Heavy Equipment
  • Design and Fabrication of Load Test Weights
  • Laser Alignment
  • Millwright Support
  • Installation
  • Sales
  • Specialized Project Management
  • Repair and Maintenance of Parts that are no longer in production
  • Federal Government Qualified


Savannah, GA

Augusta, GA

Jacksonville, FL

Charleston, SC